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Virginia DD Waiver Guidance

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1-844-603-9248 (1-844-603-WAIVER) Toll Free

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New WaiverThe above figure shows how the three original waivers are amended to allow for more flexibility and includes new services.

The Commonwealth’s system of services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities is undergoing significant transformation as Virginia redesigns its waiver system under the My Life, My Community initiative.  The term My Life, My Community encompasses an overarching vision whereby people with developmental disabilities live, work, play and thrive in their communities, just as others do, with the support they need. 

The Departments of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) and Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) are committed to ensuring that individuals, families, providers, and other stakeholders have the information and tools needed to understand the vision for the system and to manage the complexities of system change.  This webpage is intended to provide information for this process as well as the contact information for DBHDS employees.  We invite you to learn more about the My Life, My Community initiative and contact us if you need further assistance.


Do you have questions about the Waiver Redesign of the intellectual, developmental or day support waivers?  For your local contact, call the Virginia Waiver Line at 1-844-603-9248 Toll Free.


Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP) Funding Update (August 2018)  SAVE THE DATE

IFSP Funding Application submission opens October 10, 2018


New Fact Sheets and/or Guides  (October 2017)

Navigating the Developmental Disability Waivers: A Guide for Individuals, Families and Support Partners

In One Page

The Basics

The Details

Developmental Disability Waivers Services and Support Options


Waiver Redesign Training/Handouts/Stakeholder (MLMC) Weekly Calls Q&As (updated 8/17/16):

Trainings:  There are upcoming informational conference calls for families and individuals, providers and other stakeholders about waiver redesign for individuals with an intellectual disability or developmental disability. Please see below for dates and times.

Trainings for Providers:

Virginia Waiver Experts: Community Services Board/Behavioral Health Authority employees who are trained in providing information on the Waiver Redesign for people with developmental disabilities (DD).

WaMS  Online Training/Manual:


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Waiver Redesign Information: